Kick Bag

$379.50 - $609.50 inc. GST

All Kick bags are hand made and hand filled, ensuring an even and smooth finish to the bag. You won’t get the lumps, dips, hollows and extremes of hard fill as you can with bags filled with rubber or wood chips.

Like our punching bags, our Kick bags are manufactured with high quality allcover PVC and filled with recycled, new fabric off-cut waste from a local clothing factory. The webbing straps are finished with stainless steel tri-rings for fixing to a wall bracket or ceiling.

Kick bags have a PVC kick strip around the middle of the bag covering the webbing straps. If you prefer no kick strip this can also be done.

Bags are standard in black with a kick strip in your choice of colour.
Our bags are ideal for use in professional gyms, training in the home or school.

Contact us for add ons:
Straps inside - NZD$57.50
Base ring - NZD$28.75

  • Hand filled with fabric off-cuts
  • Carpet lined
  • Kick strip colour option
  • Durable PVC allcover
  • Tri-rings for hanging

    Height x diameter

    K10 300:  1020 x 300mm - NZD $379.50
    K10 350:  1020 x 350mm - NZD $391.00
    K10 400:  1020 x 400mm - NZD $414.00
    K12 300:  1250 x 300mm - NZD $523.25
    K12 350:  1250 x 350mm - NZD $546.25
    K12 400:  1250 x 400mm - NZD $569.25
    K15 300:  1550 x 300mm - NZD $569.25
    K15 350:  1550 x 350mm - NZD $586.50
    K15 400:  1550 x 400mm - NZD $609.50

    1020 x 300mm


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